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Whether you require a desktop or a RICS valuations, Apex has your needs covered

Apex Desktop Valuations

  • Quick turnaround on desktop valuations from a good description and photographs
  • Valuations based on the Apex extensive database and actual sales results
  • Valuation for commission sale or for an outright purchase
  • Apex will advise on the most appropriate valuation method

Apex RICS Valuations

  • Site visit to Write up and photograph the inventory
  • Research market for available values, Contact suppliers for current prices
  • If market data isn't available Apex will explore replacement cost and compare useful remaining working life 
  • Produce full report in RICS compliant format

Valuations Provided for Several Reasons

  • Company closure, sale or retirement
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Internal transfer cross border
  • Balance Sheet adjustments, Insurance

Service Provided for a Wide Range of Clients

  • Small business owners
  • Manufacturing Corporations
  • Commercial Banks, Finance and Asset Based Lenders
  • Chartered Surveyors, Accountancy Practices


  • Identify

    • Identify potential surplus assets from information provided
    • Search out assets in the field
    • Collect basic information, photos etc
    • Collect all associated available documentation
    • Upload to the Asset Management tool
  • Evaluate

    • Apex will undertake an evaluation of the general condition
    • Evaluate the potential for reuse
    • Evaluate the potential for resale
    • Evaluate the potential for costs associated with a surplus asset, disposal cost, clean-up etc.
  • Value

    • Background information on assets, the reason for valuation, what finance/liens are in place, what assets records are available
    • Site visit to collect specifications, photos and video of assets
    • Research market for comparable values
    • Create a report in a RICS compliant format

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